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May 20, 2024   •   47 MIN

Sammy Teusch, 10, is the baby of the Teusch family. Now in fourth grade, Sammy loves playing outside with his brothers, his beloved dog Daisy, and best friend, Judah, who lives next door. Wherever Sammy goes, people comment on his big smile that pushes his glasses up his cheeks.

While friends and family know Sammy Teusch as smart, funny, charming, and empathetic, several children at school focus on Sammy’s physical appearance. They pick on Sammy for his glasses and crooked teeth in elementary school and the bullying only intensifies in intermediate school. 

On the bus home, Sammy is attacked and beaten with his own iPad. The bullies hit Sammy over the head with the tablet several times, and the boy arrives home with broken glasses, a black eye, and scratches on his face and neck. Days later, Sammy is cornered in the bathroom and beaten up again—with more threats of violence when he returns to school on Monday.

Parents, Sam and Nichole Teusch call Greenfield-Central 20 times to raise concerns about Sammy’s wellbeing and physical safety. They also receive several calls. Teachers report that Sammy is fearful at school and hides under his desk and in closets. The school says they are working to resolve the bullying, but nothing gets better for Sammy. 

On a quiet Sunday morning, Sam Teusch cooks a pancake and egg breakfast for his wife and four children. Teusch goes to wake Sammy up to eat, but he instead finds the little boy unresponsive and not breathing. Sam Teusch calls for help and performs CPR on Sammy, but Sammy Teusch dies. The 10-year-old took his own life. 

Joining Nancy Grace Today: 

  • Tyler Mills - Sammy's brother
  • Sam Teusch - Sammy's Dad 
  • Hunter Brown - Dad of McKenna Brown
  • Stacey Honowitz - Assistant State Attorney (Florida), Sex Crimes & Child Abuse Unit, Author: “The Bully at School is Really Uncool”, "My Private Parts are Private", and "Genius with a Penis - Don't Touch!"
  • Caryn L. Stark- Psychologist, renowned TV and Radio trauma expert and consultant, www.carynstark.com, Instagram: carynpsych, FB: Caryn Stark Private Practice
  • Lauren Conlin -(NY) Investigative journalist, Host of The Outlier Podcast, Host of Corruption: What Happened to Grant Solomon, https://laurenconlin.com, X- @Conlin_Lauren, Instagram- @LaurenEmilyConlin, YouTube- @LaurenConlin4



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