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Vaping: I was addicted to nicotine

Jan 22, 2023   •   19 MIN

Having a nicotine addiction used to only be associated with cigarette smokers who’d have a pack a day and always try to bum a cig. Now vaping has become the newest nicotine addiction source, with a quarter of vapers in Australia having never smoked before. 


We’re joined by Alyx Gorman, Lifestyle Editor at the Guardian, who found herself addicted to vaping after three years and at the peak of her addiction she estimated she was inhaling roughly the equivalent of a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. 


In Australia it’s illegal to sell, supply or possess an e-cigarette or any liquid that contains nicotine in Australia without a doctor’s prescription. So how and why are they so readily available in Australia?



  • Ten killed in California mass shooting
  • Jacinda Arden hands Labour leadership over to Chris Hipkins
  • Murray and Djokovic call for better scheduling in Australian Open
  • Buckingham Palace reveals King Charles’ coronation details


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Vaping: I was addicted to nicotine

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